Vet Referals from Our Past Puppy Family's 
When asked from our new Family's what is a good vet in there area who better to answer the question, but family's that own one of our Puggles. So when asked the question this is some of the replies we received. We will be adding Referals as we receive them. 
This page was last updated: September 16, 2018
Our Local Vet:

Sunapee, NH 03258

Our Past Family Vets:

Hi Mellisa,

We go to the Animal Hospital of Nashua in Nashua, NH. Their facility
and their staff are wonderful! Their web site is: All of their doctors are great
but I see Dr. Boulter - she is wonderful with both Chloe and my cat

Golec Family

Warwick Animal Hospital. Warwick, RI 02888
Hi Mellisa!

Marley is doing so wonderful.  We couldn't be happier with her.  She is such a handful and she has so much energy but she is also very sweet and loving.  Everywhere we go people stop to meet her.  We get such a kick out of going to the's impossible to leave!  Everyone wants to hold her and kiss her.  Jeff calls her the Mayor of Warwick, RI because she's so popular.

We are finally seeing the results of training her.  Potty training is going really well...just a few accidents here and there.  She got really smart quick...we were giving her a treat every time she'd go pee outside and then she started to fake pee!  In addition to that she will sit, stay, and lay down on command...but only when she knows she's going to get a treat.  The rest of the time she's on her own agenda.  She's always making us laugh:)

To answer your question, we have been taking her to Warwick Animal Hospital.  The address is 1950 Elmwood Avenue, Warwick, RI 02888.  Their phone number is 401-785-2222.  We have been taking Marley to Dr. Weed and we are really happy with him.  Can you let us know if any more of your puggles are near us in RI?  We were just talking about finding a friend for Marley to play with.

I attached some pictures that we just took of Marley yesterday.  It's hard to get a good picture of her since she never sits for long so I attached a few.

I hope everything is going well with your new litter of puppies!

Thanks again for Marley; we will give you an update in the near future.

Guarino Family

Salem Animal Hospital, Salem NH

Hi there Mellisa!
Things are going well with little Miss Lucy!  We will be starting obedience school next week, which should help with some of her naughtiness, but she is really a good little pup.  We had a baby girl on July 19th, and Lucy is curious about her, and sniffs her (every now and then Bella will get a big lick across her face), but she doesn't bother with her otherwise.
We use Salem Animal Hospital, here in Salem NH, the phone number is:893-3565.  They've been great, and I love that they're open on the weekends, too.

Soave Family

Putnam Veterinary Clinic in Shrewsbury, MA

Hi Mellisa,

The Vet we use for Willis is Dr. Steven Sahl - Putnam Veterinary Clinic in Shrewsbury, MA.  They are fantastic with us at first time dog owners and with Willis. We have no complaints and just had a great experience with getting Willis fixed from them. They aren't expensive either...

Willis is doing great. He's getting to be such a big boy!  He's almost 20 pds. and is honestly the best dog ever.  So many people have asked us how he behaves because they have friends who say their puggles are crazy but not Willis.. he's a love bug and very easy going. 

Mills Family

Jamaica Plain, MA (617-522-7282 /

Hi Mellisa--

Turk is doing well... A little mouthy/chewy with hands (especially Kerry's), but other than that, he's settling in well.  Housebreaking is going a little slower than we would like (sometimes out for a bit, only to come inside and go on the rug), but we're getting there and open to suggestions.  Overall though, so far so good.

We took him to the MSPCA/Angell Memorial Medical Center at 350 South Huntington Ave in Jamaica Plain, MA (617-522-7282 / and had a great experience.  The staff was great, and it was also nice to know that my payment wasn't going toward making a vet rich, but rather to the MSPCA.

Hope all is well you guys!


  Greenlawn Animal Hospital
                                                                51 Broadway
                                                          Greenlawn, N.Y. 11740
                                                          Phone:  631-757-8700


Not sure if anyone is as far as us but here is our vet info, they came highly recommended by many people we know and have had positive experiences with the vet and the staff each time we go: 

Casey is doing fine, gaining weight, a joy to play with, sleeping throught the night after the first few days home and is keeping us on our toes as she is very curious and energetic.

The vet visit went well.  Casey got her second round of shots.   A little less energy the rest of the day and a little bit of shaking as we held her that evening.  She definitely had a bit of a reaction to the second round of vaccines, but after one day she was back to her normal "puppy" self.

P.S. enjoyed the video of the latest litter.  Can't beleive the coloring on that one pup... amazing!!



Village Vet in Brookline , MA 

Hi Mellisa,

We go to the Village Vet in Brookline , MA , just outside of Boston .  Dr. Ahmad is very nice.

Here are some pictures of little Roxy Aloisi.  She is doing very well.  She loves biting, playing and snuggling.


Evraets Family

Attleboro, MA

Hi Mellisa,

Lupin continues to do wonderful. He has had only 3 accidents since arriving home and he has not cried at night at all! 

I'm not sure how many families you work with down in our area, but we use Attleboro Veterinary Clinic in Attleboro, MA. We see whomever is available when we need to get in, and we love it there.  They care for our dog Ruby, our cat Striker and now they will care for Lupin. The address is: 179 North Main St. Attleboro, MA 02703  508-226-8046.  They do not have a website that I know of.


Peabody, MA

And our vet info is as follows:

Northeast Veterinary Hospital
29 Lowell St.
Peabody Ma 01960

2 Vets there are Douglas DePiero and Buzz Newman.

I mostly see Dr. DePiero.  Both are amazing!  We used to bring our other dog that passed away last summer there as well so we have a long standing relationship with them.  They have a brand new facility as well.  They moved last April.  I can't recommend them enough!
                                                                                                                     Bella Hubacz

Hope this helps!

Hubacz Family
Chloe Golec
Marley Guarino
Willis Mills