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These pups are some of our Past Puggles. You will notice I have included some email replies that I have received with the pictures. There is more personal replies within our Guest book and on the Puggle info page. If you are interested please feel free to email me I love to talk about our pups and what our goals are.
This little Puggle Honey is showing off her new harnest, a great addition to the family she was.

This is Isabelle a Puggle showing just hwo snuggley they like ot be.
Puggle Puppy playing with Toys
Puggles at the Beach Perfect for any family occasion
Your Perfect Pet
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Dobby a male Puggle, favorite pass time is enjoying his family by the Lake side.
Deniro, one of our first Puggle Boys.
This Puggle loves care rides.
Here is a very pregnant Mom (Jewel) only a little over a week left.
Jewel & Buster's baby girl  (Jaelo)
Gracey is one of our first Puggles born here in Loudon, NH. She is a light colored Fawn w/ Black Mask
Gracey from our first litter
Here is Max one of our past Puggles playing in the snow.
Coty 1yr on Left and Max 2 on Right  
Bailey at 6 months 
Boston Brown
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Chloe Courtemanche Lucy's Pup
Gracie May Leach Ginger's Pup
This is Maddie, showing that sweet expression.
Maddie Lambert / Ginger's Pup
Most of our Puggles can be caught laying like Their father Buster the Pug. Legs stait back almost like a frog.
Abigail Ginger's past pup

What her Family had to say about her:

Hi Mellisa, 
Abigail is doing great!  She is a real love bug and loves to cuddle.  She went to the vet yesterday and weighs 21lbs at about 91/2 months, looks like she is fully grown now.  Loves the car rides and really likes playing and playfighting with Tucker, our other puggle.  She trained so easily in about a week or two and never has an accident. She even rings a bell to go out.  She's very smart. Funniest thing is she loves vegetables(peas, carrots, etc.) and fruits, she will eat most anything.  Tucker will only eat meat treats, not a veggie or fruit for him. She is very outgoing like Buster.  She loves everyone!  I went outside and took a couple of pics of her in our backyard. It is hard to get a picture of her face that does her justice because her puggle mask is so dark. She's really cute, though.   Hope you like the pics. Hope Ginger and all the pups are doing well.  Thanks for writing, Moilanen Family
Some of Our Puggles are lucky enough to play with each other because they where bought each by family members. As these girls get to.
Casey                  and              Maddie  Lucy's girls
Kuta Ginger's past pup
Murphy Jewel's past pup
Marley & Willis 
Comments from the family:

Hi Mellisa,
I just wanted to send you a couple of pictures of Marley, and her sister Willis.  They just celebrated their first birthday and we got a great picture of them together...they were so happy to be together (at my parent's house in Buffalo) for their birthday.  We take Marley with us to Buffalo often and her and Willis can't get enough of each other...we always feel bad when we have to separate them.  
Both dogs are doing great...they have brought so much love into our families.  My dad often says that Willis is the best thing that has happened to him and my mom in recent years.  They are the most affectionate, playful, and cuddly dogs I have ever been around.  Jeff and I spend so much of our time laughing at Marley and all the silly things she does.  It is hard to imagine what life was like before she was part of our family!
I hope you are doing well; enjoy the pictures!

Nala Sammy's past pup at 3 1/2 months.
She likes the hiking trips I could tell. This is what her parents said:

she was tired after a hike and decided to sleep rater then walk back to the car =)

Nala Jewel's Past pup
Comments from the family:
Hi Mellisa, 
Ryan and I just wanted to give you an update on Nala. She is about 8 1/2 months now, and weighs about 18-20 pounds. She loves going for long walks, going to the beach, and making friends at the doggie park. Here are some updated photos that I took just last week.
Guest Book
Hi Mellisa!
Layla is doing so well. She is very stubborn but so adorable. I am absolutely in love. Here are some pictures of her, please show your daughter. She is so beautiful! I have been meaning to post some pictures of her on your website. I will soon.  Everyone who meets her asks where I got her. I have pretty much been recommending you to everyone I meet. After people meet her all they want is a puggle. Thank you so much!

Hi Mellisa,
    Good to hear from you and thank you for checking in on Bella!  She is an awesome dog!  We love her so much and she is so intelligent! I posted in your sign in book that our trainer said she is the smartest Puggle she had ever trained or met!  a HUGE compliment I thought!  I work with her daily.  We have accomplished loose leash walking, sit, down, stay, down/stay, wait, crawl, watch me...the list goes on!  Honestly she is so smart!  I know the breeds that she is are smart breeds, but I am just taken aback by her!  She sleeps in her crate at night in our kitchen and has been potty trained since the 2nd week we brought her home!  She is four months now and weighing in at about 11 or 12 lbs.  She has her spay scheduled for March.  Aside from some minor reactions to vaccinations, she is 100% healthy!  We feed her Nutro puppy chicken and rice formula and feed their bones as well.  We do not do raw hides as we don't believe in them, but we do have a hollow white cow bone that she loves!  And amongst many if not tons of other toys!  I will include some photos.  I will try to shrink them to email easier.  One is her on my heating vent!  She loves to be warm!  The others are her in her bed last night while we were watching TV!
Thanks for everything!
Hubacz Family

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