Puggle Information

Hybrid Puggle Information:

Our Puggles are First generation 

When you breed two different types of purebred dogs together you can get any combination of any of the characteristics found in either breed. Please read the temperament and care for both breeds in the cross and be prepared for any combination of the two. If everything about both breeds matches you and your families personality and lifestyle, than you can most likely assume this cross will work for you. If there is ANYTHING about either breed in the cross that you do not feel matches what you are looking for, avoid that cross. Do not assume or take the chance that only the good characteristics will emerge. You may be in for a big surprise and it is not fair to the puppy to take that chance. 

The Links below will help you in your research about a Puggle and if this is the right breed for you. It is extremely important to me that you understand both breeds and realize you can get any trait of either breed. 

This is an awesome sight that will give you alot of information about Puggles and the cross they come from.

Our Puggles have been a split of personality right down the middle. They are great little dogs. Our Beagles are 13" and Buster is a smaller Pug. I received a picture of one of our past Puggles and she was off the leash so I asked how did you do that. Only because Beagles are known to run if the get the slightest scent of any thing. this was her response 

Gracey's Parents:

We take her off leash when we are at the Reservoir.  Since she was little we 
carried treats with us and gave her one every time she came when called.  
Now she always stays within eyesight and if she gets caught up playing with 
another dog, we just walk ahead and whistle and she comes.  She doesn't like 
us to be out of her sight.   I'm not sure I would trust her off leash in the 
neighborhood because of cars.   At home is another story....she thinks it's 
a game to be chased!   She will only come voluntarily if we have a treat or 
if she feels like it!   She's so fast its like chasing a chicken!!  We're 
still working on it!!

Dinaro's Parents:
I attached a few recent pictures of  DeNiro for you to see how he is growing. He is the best puppy ever! I love having him in my life! 
My niece Brianna can't get enough of him. He loves to go  anywhere outside especially to the park & the beach is his favorite place. Hope all is well with you. 
Take care,

Dakota's Parents:

 I just want to thank Mellisa for my puggle. Her name is Dakota. She is almost six months old now and she is just the love of our lives. She's sweet, loving, mischievous (at times) and just a lot of fun. Mellisa kept us up to date from the day she was born with pictures and stories on how they where doing and is very concerned about where her puppies are going and their new home life. I'm happy to say she entrusted me with one of her puggles. Mellisa, Thank You again Denise 
Wrigley's Parents First Day Home:

Good morning Mellisa,
     I just wanted to fill you in on Wrigley.  Wow, where do I start.  His is fitting in really good. 
When we got home yesterday the kids had to show him all of his toys and in about 10 minutes he was trying to pull the rope toy across the room.  In the first hour he was wondering around the whole house by himself.  Our neighbors came over and he could of cared less.  He hasn't been shy one bit.  He has been going pee & poo outside with a few pee accidents in the house.  Last night he slept in his bed in our room.  I had to pet him every so often but not alot of crying.  His biggest issue was waking up and thinking it was play time.  And I'm not sure that he knows how to walk since we've basically only seen him run.  He has 2 speeds - asleep or 100% running, jumping crazy puppy.  His poo wasn't lose at all, it was a little soft but a nice little pile.  So I would say that we are totally happy with him.  You can tell that he was a part of your family and was used to the noise & people which is wonderful.  I've seen puppies in the past, one of my labs, who was nervous the first few days and was shaking whe
never you held him but not Wrigley.  That was one of the reasons we picked him over the big boy because he was more outgoing and didn't shake or seem nervous when we held him at 5 weeks.  So I guess I just wanted to say thanks for giving us such a wonderful, well adjusted puppy.  And he really likes to cuddle.  He curls up next to your feet when he gets tired and he cries if you are on the couch and not touching him.  Oh and he as already been trying to jump on the couches - that started about 2 hours after we got here and no one was even sitting on them.  He really has a mind of his own.  We will keep you posted on how he is doing and if he ever sits still we will send you pictures.  I now see why you didn't update the pictures on the website.  Ha ha.  Thanks again & will talk to you soon.

Marley's Parents:

Hi Mellisa,
   Just wanted to send you a quick note to let you know how much we are enjoying Marley!  She is such a sweetheart and loves snuggling and playing with the girls.  I have to say having a new puppy is easier than I expected!  She's already going 7 hours at night without having to go out and is barely having any accidents.  Morgan loves having someone in the house with as much energy as her!  Thanks for taking such good care of her!  I'll send you some pictures as she gets bigger.   Kim 

Murphy's Parents:

Hi Mellisa
The Murph is doing great!  He is just the absolute best dog.  He never barks, his tail is always wagging, he likes to play and cuddle- I really couldn't have gotten a better pup.  Everyone he meets loves him.  My dog walker says he uses Murphy to help the less-social dogs in his little play group.  Murph isn't put off by their snippiness- he just keeps at them until they want to play too!  We joined a puggle play group down in Brookline, so we're hoping to get him down there on the weekends.  Man, he's the greatest.  

Nala Blanchette's Parents:

Hey Mellisa,

Here's a few pictures of Nala over the past month . She is doing great socializing. She loves going on hikes and playing outside. She is 98% potty trained letting us know when it's time to go outside. Shes a great addition to our family. She adores the attention she gets when we are out and about. So many people have told me they are interested in puggles but are having trouble finding a breeder so ive passed along your web site to quite a few people with great recommendations! I will send more pictures over time...Thanks again!

Additional Links to some of our past Puggles:

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